The full stack IoT provider

Networking, software development, hardware

IoT applications:

Developing applications for all fields of economics and human life.

We will provide you with the solutions for energy saving, increasing labor efficiency and security levels, as well as for improvement of the quality of life and working conditions.

Utility metering

Metering of electricity, heat, gas, cold and hot water consumption

Smart City

Lighting control, traffic metering, geolocation, parking spaces control, evaluation of water and air quality, etc.


Production processes monitoring and management

Smart Home

Improvement of safety and security environment,  the scenarios of smart things interaction, energy saving


Agricultural production optimization: in horticulture, animal husbandry, and recycling.


Monitoring of climate and environmental pollution: temperature, humidity, wind, CO2, NO2, NO, etc.

LoRaWAN network server

LoRaWAN network server (LNS) is a proprietary software for LoRaWAN network management with an option to operate both in a cloud and using the customer’s hardware.


Software & Hardware Development in IoT Sphere

Development and implementation of customized software solution

as well as of different IoT hardware components: detectors, sensors, and controllers.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things is a way of things interaction with each other and with the external environment by the means of new-generation telecommunication links. With that, LoRaWAN is one of the most popular and fast-growth IoT protocols.

LoRaWAN (Long Range) is the protocol covering up to 2 km in urban area, and up to 15 km in open areas. The main advantages are low energy consumption of terminal devices (self contained power), high noise immunity, and the feedback link.

Our Teаm

Our team consists of employees with extensive experience in the sphere of IT, telecommunications, and software development.

All our experts are to different extents involved in development of the broad band Internet in Russia and are highly competent in the specified areas.

Stanislav Shirokii


Sergei Sokolov


Nikolai Spirin


Our Clients

Implementation of innovations is not always aimed at superiority or leadership in the sphere you work in, the most important thing is being the best!

Sir Richard Branson

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AIRBIT company is a subsidiary of LiveComm company which has been rendering premium-quality communication services in the Russian Federation for more than 10 years.    

During this time, tremendous experience has been harvested, allowing for creation of the IoT structure from scratch and offering customers the full range of services: network management, data transfer, software and hardware development.

AirBit GmbH

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